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Go Innovative with Your e-Store on Halloween!

Go Innovative with Your e-Store on Halloween!


According to the annual survey released by the NRF; Americans will spend mindlessly on costumes, candies and pumpkins for a record $12.2 billion for Halloween this year.

Now, if you want your share of the candy, you need to get innovative. And just so that you know, boring ghost costumes, witches on brooms and good for nothing pumpkin lanterns are definitely a passé! If you own an online halloween costume shop, “No dreary stuff!” should be your mantra for Halloween 2023. “So what do I do?” you might ask.

Let’s add some magic to your product catalogue. Let’s make it spooky! Allow your customers to personalize Halloween goodies and create custom halloween costumes. It’s time to let them sprinkle their own version of spookiness. Would that be innovative enough? Here’s how you can go about it:

Spooky Halloween Customizable Goodies

Self-engraved Wands

Sub Image 1

If you think Harry Potter Magic has died down, you might be wrong. Pottermore has recently announced their next film in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series. Which means, tiny Potter fans are sure to hoard up your e-store looking for personalized magic wands and much more.

Be an online Ollivander this Halloween and let the little ones choose from your range of different woods, magical substances and colors. Your shopping cart must allow them choose where to engrave their name. And, also add a message along with that. Instead of the thank you message, flash the message “Expecto Patronum!”. They are sure to screech with glee and keep coming back to your store. Wouldn’t you pay an extra buck just for the experience?

Candies That Charm

Sub Image 2

Typical it is for sure, but the fact is that Halloween is incomplete without candies. You can give sweet tooth lovers something by letting them design personalized candy bar wrappers.

Let people engrave family name on the wrappers, draw a creepy lizard or a wicked witch and create a unique trick or treat mix! Add products like trick or treat bags, baskets and candy holders in the “You May Also Like” section. Also provide the option of free shipping if possible. Your customers are sure to go gaga over it.

Creepy Coloring Books

Sub Image 3

Children love coloring, doodling and creating creepy artwork on Halloween. Enable your buyers draw, doodle and create their own artwork on the product added in the cart. But make sure there is a section which says “Your Artwork Here.” Once they are done designing, they can order for their personalized halloween coloring books with a single click.

So many ideas! Overwhelming for sure. But the trouble lies in deploying the features to achieve these effects. The Product Design Tool from PrintXpand is just the extension can make it happen. It does not require much coding, it is effortless and easy to integrate.

Halloween Wardrobe Wonders

Sub Image 4

Halloween isn’t just about candy and magic wands; it’s also about dressing up in spine-chilling style! Embrace the spirit of the season and take your Halloween offerings up a notch by adding a range of customizable Halloween-themed apparel to your online store.

You can allow customers to choose their preferred costume designs, colors, and even add their name for that extra personal touch to t-shirts, hoodies, caps, etc. From witches and vampires to ghouls and superheroes, the options are endless. Make sure to offer a variety of sizes to cater to both kids and adults.

Hauntingly Stylish Footwear

Sub Image 5

Step into the spirit of Halloween with a bewitching collection of customized shoes that are perfect for adding that finishing touch to any costume or outfit. Offer a selection of Halloween-inspired shoe designs that customers can choose from. Whether it’s witchy boots, vampire-inspired heels, or ghostly sneakers, make sure to have a variety of styles to suit different tastes and preferences. You can allow your customers to pick their preferred colors for their Halloween shoes. Whether they want blacks and purples or vibrant oranges and greens, let them unleash their creativity to match their costume or personal style.

To have the shoes truly stand out during Halloween festivities, consider adding glow-in-the-dark accents or shoelaces. These will add an extra level of spookiness when the lights go down.

Spooktacular Packaging for Halloween Treats

Whether it is candies, cookies, or gifts these Halloween-themed packaging ideas will make their treats even more delightful:

Custom Candy Bags: Let your customers design their own Halloween candy bags. They can choose from a variety of spooky graphics, fonts, and colors to create personalized treat bags for their trick-or-treaters or party guests.

Sub Image 6

Haunted Cookie Tins: Offer personalized Halloween-themed cookie tins that can be adorned with names, dates, or spooky artwork. These tins are perfect for gifting homemade treats and can be reused year after year.

Sub Image 7

Trick-or-Treat Boxes: Provide customizable trick-or-treat boxes that can be filled with an assortment of candies and snacks. Allow customers to add their own messages or spooky designs to make the box truly unique.

Sub Image 8

How Can PrintXpand Help?

PrintXpand Product Designer Tool is the perfect solution for all the spookiness your store needs this Halloween season! The tool can let your customers customize their outfits for Halloween.

No matter what your online store is built on, you can integrate our Online Product Designer Tool with it. You have limitless possibilities with our designer tool. Any product that you think can be customized, we’ve got you covered.

If you already have an online store you only need to integrate our Product Design Tool and enable the features to make your products spooky/personalized. Alternatively, if you do not have an e-store, it is about time to build one. We also help you build a storefront in the technology of your choice.

If you want to learn more about the tool, storefront or entire solution, book a live demo session with our team.


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Maulik Shah

Maulik Shah

After the huge success of Biztech’s other products, founder Maulik Shah ventured out to make a web-to-print software solution, and thus, PrintXpand was born. His visionary ideas and innovative power have always been the cornerstone of the success of the company at every step. Maulik enjoys bird watching, playing cricket and is an avid reader.

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