5 Never-Failing Ways Magento T-shirt Design Tool Helps Your Business

5 Never-Failing Ways Magento T-shirt Design Tool Helps Your Business

A Magento T-shirt Design Tool has the power to attract customers.

The right one convinces them to buy. But a wrong one turns your customers away.

Therefore, a challenge for a lot of Magento store owners is to have a tool that is best for their business and end-users.

If you are on a quest to find what you can achieve using a design tool, this post is for you.

It talks about five ways a (right) design tool never fails to deliver a seamless experience in your store.

Here are the points this post covers:

A Solid USP to Beat Your Competitor

Owing to the high demand for t-shirts, the level of competition also always remains high. The kind of t-shirts that you are selling, chances are there are thousands of businesses selling the same thing.

Moreover, shopper’s behavioral changes make it a lot difficult for you to attract them. They quickly jump from one brand to another.

A Solid USP to Beat Your Competitor

(Consumers are switching brands, making it challenging for businesses to attract and retain them)

Is Attracting Customers a Challenge for Your Business?

There are various reasons why your potential customer chooses a competitor over your brand. However, product availability, prices, quality, delivery charges, and a better customer experience are the most common.

To attract customers to your store, you need to give them a reason. And that’s where a USP helps.

A USP that clearly articulates a benefit that makes your store stand out from the competition is crucial.

Magento T-shirt Design Tool For Selling Custom T-shirts

The custom t-shirt business is growing at an exponential rate. It is likely to expand at a growth rate of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Customers no longer want off-the-shelf products. There is an increased demand for unique t-shirt designs, illustrations, artwork, etc.

Global Custom T-shirt Printing Market Share

(Graphic design t-shirts and artwork are the fastest-growing segments in custom t-shirt printing)

Having a t-shirt design tool in your store works as an advantage to get customer attention by offering customizable t-shirts. It makes your product better than the rest and thus persuades shoppers to buy.

Built exclusively for the Magento platform, PrintXpand has everything you need in a design tool to let shoppers customize products

Equipped with unique features and extremely simple to use, our design tool has the power to turn your Magento store into a creative hub.

Looking to Integrate a Magento T-shirt Designer? Get started with PrintXpand fully functional tool.


Magento Product Designer Tool Features – An Overview

Once a shopper chooses a t-shirt from your store, they can add a personalized touch using different features as per their requirement. Here’s a glimpse of a few functionalities:

  • Custom Image Upload & Editing Options

    When it comes to adding a personal picture that your shopper cherishes, they can do so easily with a design tool. The drag and drop option allows them to add an image from their device.

    1Magento 40258

    They can even directly upload a picture from the cloud or social media accounts. Further, they can edit the design using various advanced image filters and editing options.

  • Artwork Manager, and Library of Clipart & Templates

    Artwork manager is an excellent feature if you have a lot of ready-made designs. You can import ready artworks and assign them to single or multiple products. Shoppers who do not want to put in a lot of effort to design can choose artwork and make further customizations.

    2Group 40257

    Our tool offers 1000+ customizable clipart and a product template manager that helps you sell ready-to-sell product templates.

  • Text Features

    Enable customers to add names, quotes, messages, etc., using this feature. Further, they can apply various advanced editing features like stroke, shadow, object position, and a lot more to enhance their text.

    3Group 40256

  • Design Toolbar, Easy Save/Share, and Layer Management

    When designing a t-shirt, shoppers can easily manage functions like undo/redo, zoom, reset, etc., as per their choice. Moreover, they can even save or download their designs and share a design on social media platforms.

    4Group 40255

    With the layer management feature, customers can manage multiple layers on a product when customizing. They can even lock certain layers on the canvas.

Explore the many features of the Magento T-shirt Design Tool by PrintXpand.


Make Shopping Experience a Delight (And Most Importantly Simple)

When you have your customer experience on point, there is hardly any room for anything to go wrong. The key to successfully cater to your customers is to deliver an easy and frictionless experience.

When you integrate a Magento t-shirt design tool into your store, you will surely attract thousands of customers looking for a customized t-shirt. But your goal, of course, is to ensure they buy from you.

Therefore, you need a Magento extension that provides a balance between features and ease of use.

Many business owners in their search for a Magento extension end up purchasing a tool that their end-users find extremely difficult. A complex UI makes it difficult for users to navigate the tool and not get their desired product.

This is a nightmare for business owners. It prevents you from achieving your objects and doesn’t give any return on investment.

Choosing a Tool That is a Win-win For Both You and Your Customers

What makes the Magento t-shirt design tool by PrintXpand stand out is not just unique features but an extremely simple UI that makes customizing easy for a user. (And we mean it!)

Our tool is built to offer a personalized experience based on the industry you cater to. For a business like yours that sells t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, etc., the requirements are a lot different than a shopper designing a photo book.

They would want to navigate through the tool easily, drag and drop different t-shirt designs, filter the images, etc. With our tool, you can offer a seamless and frictionless experience.

Rich Admin Features

You can manage all aspects of the tool easily from the admin panel. As per your business logic, you can customize the look of the tool.

An Easy-to-use Admin Panel

Start selling custom t-shirts on your Magento store with Magento T-shirt Designer Tool.


Quickens the Process of Order Fulfillment

48% of customers are unlikely to purchase more from companies whose packages arrive late.

Shoppers want fast deliveries for a product they purchase. And, it is undoubtedly not an easy task.

Quick Delivery by Automating Pre-press and Soft-proofing Process

Before a customer’s order goes for printing, there are many steps involved. If you handle the printing process manually, you’ll agree on how complex the entire process is.

After a customer submits their graphics file, you or your employee manually check for errors. If there are changes, there is a constant to and fro between you and your customer for approval.

This conventional process is time-consuming, prone to errors, and extends the deadline for order fulfillment.

Our Magento T-shirt Designer Extension provides you with the essential features you need to overcome these challenges.

Traditional v_s Automated Way of Printing

  • Print-ready Files: Print-ready files aim to automate the process of pre-press by handling print-related errors on your behalf. Admin can quickly generate print-ready files, including vector, non-vector, PDF files, etc. Automation improves print quality and increases speed.
  • Editable PDF: After you generate a final PDF, there are chances a shopper might want to make a few changes in their design again. Now, with an editable PDF, end-users can do so.
  • Hot Folder: Hot folder is an add-on that you get with our Magento T-shirt Designer Extension. With a hot folder, store owners can fetch customer data like design images, order details, etc. once you make necessary configurations from the backend, you can create a special folder to view and manage all records.
  • Resolution Warning: When uploading an image or designing a product, it is important to give resolution warning messages. Once you set a required output size from the backend, shoppers will get a message on the front-end if an object exceeds the design area.

Magento T-shirt Design Tool is entirely customizable as per your business logic. It gives admin the control they need to make the best use of the tool.

For a detailed and personalized product tour, get in touch with us today!


Supports Your Marketing Efforts

To attract digital buyers, no business can afford to ignore digital marketing. But the thing with marketing is that there are no instant results. Whether your strategy is to gain organic traffic or leverage social media, results take time.

And if you do not have a dedicated team working on marketing your store, it’s a fair question ‘do I spend hours making Tweets or focus on growing my business?’

A custom t-shirt design Magento extension does that work for you.

Personalized products are a conversation starter. When one shopper wears a unique custom product, they will share their review with others. And that way, people start noticing your brand and check out your website.

With positive word-of-mouth marketing, you improve brand awareness and build a community of loyal customers. By encouraging shoppers to share their designs on social media, you can trigger more engagement.

Helps Easily Manage Bulk Orders

Influenced by B2C eCommerce, buyers in the B2B landscape demand a better shopping experience and customizable products.

If your business regularly sells products in bulk, you can take advantage of a Magento T-shirt Design Tool and enable custom printing.

That way, you can attract businesses, organizations, NGOs, sports communities, etc., who are looking for customized t-shirt merchandise. Using the tool, they can carry out customizations like adding logos, marketing messages, and more.

5Group 40254

(Let customers customize bulk orders, and also get a preview before purchasing)

For instance, there is a sports institute that wants t-shirts with names and numbers. All you need to do is enable the Name and Number Import feature in the tool’s backend. Once end-users fill in the required details in the front-end, they can get a preview of all the tees.

How to Get Started with Magento T-shirt Designer Tool

When you choose to integrate a custom t-shirt design Magento extension by PrintXpand, you need not worry about handling any technical aspect. We have an experienced team who will assist you at every stage of installing the tool. Here are a few ways you can begin using a Magento T-shirt Designer Extension in your store.

Clearly Mention on Your Homepage

Before you decide to integrate the tool on your Magento store, you need to find out how you want to highlight the feature of customization on your store.

If you want the tool to work as a selling point in your store, you need to portray it on your website.

Just the way Spreadshirt does, you can have a ‘Create Custom T-shirt’ option on the top menu on your website.

customization feature on your homepage

(Highlight the customization feature on your homepage)

It will not just distinguish generalized products from custom ones, but it’s one of the first things a shopper sees when they land on your website. They will be interested in exploring more.

Start by Adding Products for Customization

Once we help you set up the Magento T-shirt Tool, you can add product customization on existing or new products by enabling the option.

Adding Products for Customization

Once you assign the sides and design area of a product, you can save the configuration.

Assign the design area

(Assign the design area)

To explore all the features, request a product demo


Do Not Skip a Product Explanation Tour

Not all shoppers coming to your store will have an idea about how a customization tool works. Offering a product tour will help in delivering a better experience and ease the buying process. With an interactive tour, you can guide customers in using different features.

interactive tool to guide shoppers

(Apply an interactive tool to guide shoppers with each feature)

Leveling Up Your Magento Store with PrintXpand

Integrating a customization tool that is easy for end-users and gives the scalability a business needs, is critical to success. We understand your business goals and offer a Magento T-shirt Design Tool that is unique to your business.

In our 14+ years of experience, we have catered to clients across the globe. A lot of Magneto store owners have started their journey of building and growing their business with us.

Ever since the launch, we have strived to help businesses like yours make the best of our product design tool. And with the launch of the newest version – 3.0, our tool just got better.

Share your business requirements, and we will provide you with a personalized tour of our Magento T-shirt Tool.

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