Case Study: How FomeCreative Elevated Their Customization Experience With the Help of Brush Your Ideas

Fome Creative


Formecreative is an innovative Italian enterprise offering photo frames, wall concepts, wallpaper, and furniture. They have a unique approach that lets customers personalize these products according to their preferences. To make this process smoother, they needed a solution that generates print-ready PDFs after customers personalize the object.


Magento, Prestashop, Angular, Fabric, Node, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • Generate large-sized print files (400cm X 400cm) with high resolution (150 DPI).
  • Generate customized product images based on selected options from the product detail page.
  • Apply dynamic masking to the product base image based on selected options.
  • Provide customers with a live room preview feature after customization
  • Enable real-time pricing display on the tool page and Prestashop cart page


Formecreative allows customers to select every detail of their offerings, from corners to accessories.

However, offering such a level of customization comes with the challenge of providing an accurate preview and print files to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

And to overcome this challenge, our client required a feature that could generate dynamic product images based on the selections made by customers.

Project Requirements

  • The client needed dynamic product images that reflected the modifications made by customers.
  • To ensure smooth customization, they wanted to implement masking techniques on the base image.
  • They also required large print files and outputs to accommodate their large product sizes


  • Our team developed a live room preview feature that shows how the frame will appear on a room wall.
  • We applied masking techniques to accommodate holes, and hooks on frames, and create a collage effect in the product design.
  • We generated dynamic product base images based on the options selected by the customer.
  • We integrated a pricing feature that provides customers with live price updates on both the tool and cart pages.
  • We developed functionality that generates high-quality print-ready files with larger sizes (up to 30,000 pixels) to meet their needs for large products.


  • The preview feature enables their customers to have an accurate representation of their customized designs.
  • Their customers can also visualize how their products will look in different spaces.
  • With the integration of real-time pricing buyers can easily understand updated prices based on their specific customization.
  • Formecreative is now able to generate high-quality pdfs, this ensures that the customization made can be printed on accessories without compromising the quality.


With the implementation of accurate previews and high-quality printing, Formecreative can experience a positive impact on their conversion rates and a decrease in returns. The addition of the live pricing feature can also reduce cart abandonment, as customers can view and understand the updated prices in real time.

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