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Challenges of the Packaging Industry and How Web to Pack Solves Them

Challenges of the Packaging Industry and How Web to Pack Solves Them


“Packaging is a silent salesman.” – Michael Bierut

Pringles made a dashing entry in the snack market with their packaging.

Their packaging made customers curious about chips coming in a cylindrical container, unlike a plastic bag. Customers had never seen such packaging beforehand.

To date, Pringles has made a special place in customer’s hearts with their unique packaging.

The package was designed to ensure non of their chips are broken. They wanted to provide an excellent experience to their customers. The container had a lid to close and resume eating fresh chips later.

The whole point of talking about Pringles is to recognize the importance of packaging, how a company wants its product delivered to its customers, and how it can give the best snacking experience.

Businesses often struggle to find boxes that can not only safely deliver the product but also look attractive and give a good unboxing experience to their customers. Mostly, it is one of these things you get to choose.

But if they got a chance to shape and size the box, tables might turn. Let’s shed some light on the challenges in the packaging industry and how a tool can actually transform packaging.

Challenges of the Packaging Industry and How Web to Pack Solves Them

1. High transportation cost


Since the rise of ecommerce, sustainable, appealing, robust, and personalized packaging has been in demand.

Brands ensure they use reusable or recyclable packaging to reduce dependency on plastic packaging.

Having a box the size of the product is equally important. Larger boxes eat up a lot of space while transporting.

Also, lightweight boxes can help reduce the transportation cost.


Web to pack solutions can help businesses design the box size and shape that best fits their product.

As a packaging business owner, your USP would be custom boxes that are otherwise hard to find.

This tool will help you deliver a customer experience of a level that makes customers come back, building a loyal following.

Custom packaging market size is projected to be USD 63.07 billion by 2030.

If you want to start a custom packaging business with a web to pack solution, you must read the blog.

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2. Every package in the market looks the same


Customers get attracted when they see packaging that is different in size, shape, and color and has unique labeling.

If the package of your product looks the same as that of ten others in the market, it will not be able to create an identity of its own. It will get lost in the supermarket aisle with other similar-looking products.

Remember the Pringles example we discussed in the introduction? You don’t want to be like other brands selling chips in the packages. The aim is to be Pringles of the snack market.


If you incorporate package design software into your website, customers can design the box as per their choice with multiple customization options for text graphics and upload images for unique packaging design.

3. Long and confusing workflow


To create physical inventory, you will need a team who will manage all the stocks. If not managed well, chances of dead stock and wastage are much higher.

Any changes in the already-made packaging are impossible. If there are any changes in the design, realizing it later on can be a factor of loss.


With packaging design software, you only make boxes when the order arrives. So, no investment in the inventory. Plus, any changes in the design can be done on the software, and you can generate print-ready files. You basically eliminate duplication, maintain the quality of the product, and, at the same time, save costs, time, and raw materials from waste.

4. Labour shortage


One of the major challenges in the packaging industry is labor shortage. Traditional ways of working include a lot of manpower. From design to production, you will need trained labor to meet your requirements.

Labor costs are increasing, and most businesses are finding it hard to maintain profit margins. Businesses train labor, and when they leave, they have to repeat this process, which can pile up the cost.


When using a web to pack solution it streamlines your entire production process. Most of the manual processes are automated, so the dependency on labor is reduced. Print-ready files can be directly fed to printers, and the printing will start. The manual process takes more time, but with our solution, you will not only reduce cost but also boost productivity.

5. Limited opportunities


Customers often complain they find it hard to get new customers. As a business, you cannot grow if you don’t add new customers.


When businesses integrate web-to-pack software with their website, it opens the door for a segment of customers. Customers who wanted packages of custom size and shape, the ones who like customizing boxes for their products.

When you give freedom, you open the door. This way, you can provide service to customers worldwide. you will create a customer base all over the world and definitely increase the revenue of your business.

Web to Pack Solution by PrintXpand


PrintXpand’ Web-to-Pack Solution transforms the packaging industry by providing a seamless and customizable experience for businesses and their customers.

With web-to-packaging, businesses can offer custom dielines, 3D visualization, and much more, allowing customers to personalize and visualize their packaging designs effortlessly.


The 3D model feature enables users to view, rotate, and customize their web-to-pack designs in 3D, enhancing the overall customer experience. Additionally, the 2D dieline model offers better clarity, ready-to-production files, and dynamic resizing.

All these features are equipped on the web to pack solutions for increasing customer satisfaction and attracting more clients. Users can add text, colors, images, clipart, artwork, patterns, and dieline decorations. The solution supports various box models, making it compatible with all packaging needs.


PrintXpand’ Web-to-Pack Solution is not just a game-changer, it is a packaging revolution for packaging businesses.

Stay away from high transportation costs, identical packaging, and labor shortages. Embrace customization, sustainability, and streamlined workflows.

So, are you ready to transform your packaging experience? Your journey to packaging excellence starts with a simple click. Request a personalized demo now!!!

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