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Print Business Buddy (Future-proof Your Print Business)
July 28, 2021 7 AM PST | 7:30 PM IST

This webinar throws some light on solid strategies to future-proof your business and capitalize on growing trends in the industry. It also includes the latest updates in PrintXpand. Watch the webinar we conducted on 28 July 2021 to learn how you can achieve growth in a competitive landscape.

What We Discussed:

  • Why you need a solid plan
  • The rising competition and opportunities
  • Is it tough to achieve growth in a competitive landscape?
  • All you need to know about PrintXpand
  • How PrintXpand can be your business buddy
Uncover The Secrets For Thriving Personalized Printing Business
May 19, 2021 7 AM PST | 7:30 PM IST

We conducted a webinar on 19th May 2021 for entrepreneurs wanting to step up their printing business game or those thinking about starting their own business. If you plan to start a new journey, watch this webinar to uncover the growth hacks for overcoming challenges your business faces against the pandemic.

What We Discussed:

  • An introduction to personalized printing
  • Personalized printing business in the battle against the pandemic
  • Growth hacks to overcome challenges
  • How to start your own business in just days
  • How Brush Your Ideas can help you
Leverage Multi-Vendor Marketplace for your Web-to-Print B2C Store
March 24, 2021 7 AM PST | 7:30 PM IST

We discussed how to make your business reach globally, increase sales, and expand in this webinar conducted on 24 March 2021. Watch the webinar where our experts guide you through a multi-vendor marketplace and how it can help your web-to-print B2C store expand your reach.

What We Discussed:

  • Introduction to the multi-vendor marketplace
  • Benefits of multi-vendor marketplace
  • Divide and grow business globally
  • How to choose the best B2C marketplace solution
  • How BYI can help
Our Top 7 Tips for an Efficient Print Workflow
January 13, 2021 7 AM PST | 7:30 PM IST

Learn how a centralized workflow system can help you optimize your operations and make them more efficient in this webinar. It was conducted on 13 January 2021, where our experts shared exclusive tips to optimize workflow and achieve greater efficiency.

What We Discussed:

  • Discussed possible print workflow jams
  • Our best practices for an efficient workflow
  • Do you need ERP?
  • Live Q&A
How to Kick Start T-shirt Printing Business (A Complete Blueprint)
November 11, 2020 7 AM PST | 7:30 PM IST

From planning finances to market research, this webinar covers it all. Watch this webinar conducted on 11 Nov 2020 to find out how to stand apart from the competitors and what you can do to make your business a hit.

What We Discussed:

  • Planning everything (Finance, analysis, etc.)
  • Building your online store
  • How to stand apart from competitors
  • Marketing tips
Selling Personalized Gifts: Prepare Your Print Store for an Epic Holiday Season!
October 14, 2020 7 AM PST | 7:30 PM IST

Watch this webinar crafted especially for print business owners on how they can level up their holiday game with personalized gifts. Includes tips regarding types of products and how to sell them to make more sales this holiday season.

What We Discussed:

  • How you can sell personalized gifts to your customers
  • Which are the best products to offer as a print business?
  • What additional benefits can your customers avail?
Pricing Guide for Print Stores Webinar
September 9, 2020 7 AM PST | 7:30 PM IST

Consumers evaluate products and prices before buying from any brand. To keep your price game right, watch this webinar we conducted on 9 September 2020. You will learn how to set the correct product pricing to influence more conversions.

What We Discussed:

  • From where to start? - Pricing Models
  • How to manage pricing for your store products?
  • Methods & Examples
  • What can be your strategy?
  • FAQs
Transitioning to a Complete Print Automation [Paper & Apparel Prints]
July 29, 2020 7 AM PST | 7:30 PM IST

The significant benefits of Print Automation are fewer errors and no repetitive tasks. Watch this webinar to learn how to completely transit to an Automated Print Press in Apparel (t-shirts, caps, shirts, bags, etc.) and Paper (cards, business cards, photo books, etc.).

What We Discussed:

  • The flow of multiple template list page
  • Purchase flow (Customized & Non-customized)
  • Output file in a single PDF for multiple card printing
  • Bulk import name and image
  • Printing price setting
Web Printing Automation: Zero Manual Labor from Custom Specifications to Multiple Printers
June 24, 2020 7:30 PM IST | 7 AM PST

Preparing the print-ready file manually takes time, affects the delivery cycle, and negatively impacts customer experience. Watch this webinar conducted on 24 June 2020 to automate your workflow and improve customer experience.

What We Discussed:

  • Why the correct format is necessary for print-ready files?
  • How to Automate the printing process
  • How it helps you achieve ZERO labor
  • How to include customer's requirements in automated print-ready files?
Selling in a COVID-19 World: Ultimate Guide for Printing Businesses
June 3, 2020 7:30 PM IST | 7 AM PST

Watch this webinar to learn what types of printing products can earn more sales even during a crisis like COVID-19. You will get current in-demand products, real-life case studies, and tips to take your next action.

What We Discussed:

  • Current market situation, in-demand products & buying trends
  • Opportunities for online merchandise printing businesses
  • Importance of investing and catching up to your competitors
  • How our customers are dealing at the moment
  • How you should back your business
Prepare for Tomorrow: Navigate your Printing Business During Global Crisis
May 6, 2020 7:30 PM IST | 7 AM PST

This webinar will teach you how to overcome your offline limitations and keep your business afloat. We conducted it on 6 May 2020, where our experts shared some critical aspects you can implement in your business to be future-ready and expand your venture.

What We Discussed:

  • Printing industry trends and future
  • Printing industry challenges
  • Opportunities for the print service providers
  • How to expand the current business model
  • How Brush Your Ideas can help
  • Intersilivi
  • Matthews Cremation
  • Karlsberg SIA
  • Print Crazee
  • Group Imaging
  • eCreamery
  • Thesilverstore