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The Growing Business of Personalized Products

The Growing Business of Personalized Products


You enter into the fashion industry and the most used buzzword you see is customization. Everywhere, you see people are customizing something or the other. The brand new vertical is giving people more ways to express themselves. Not only this, even businesses are enjoying the increased demand of custom products.

In recent times, customization is changing the way businesses run and has an impact on the way companies are changing their target market. Today, more than ever, personalization is a go to solution for everyone. People prefer personalized gifts to average gifts because they can give it a little personal touch.

If you are printing business owners and want to know everything about customization then you are at the right place. Here, I will walk you through everything you need to know about personalization. Let’s start:

Ways to Personalize Products:

Personalized Gift Wrapping and Packaging:

Gift wrapping is one of the simplest and affordable ways to provide customization options. For many big occasions or during festive seasons you can provide your customers with personalized gift wrapping options. This is not directly customizing the products, but more of providing personalized experiences to your customers.

For example, if you are an online store, you can provide personalized gift wrapping options to your customers during checkout. This is great for things like weddings, or corporate events. All these things will work as a great customer service experience and they are likely to come back to you.


Engraving on personalized products can work as a big asset for your business. You can provide your customers with engraving services on products. But, here the market is extremely competitive because there are already companies that have built their entire company around engraving. Thus, to stand out you need to make sure that you are providing over the top services.

Following are certain things that you can implement to your business to stand out:

  • Quality products:Quality of products is one of the most important things when running a business. You can provide them engraving services on high quality products like notebooks, pens, etc. Good quality products that are engraved make for amazing keepsakes.
  • Quick delivery:Fast delivery is appreciated in the field of eCommerce and the printing industry is not exempted. You can assure your customers with faster delivery by keeping quality of the product in mind. Fast delivery and qualitative products will help you to get more customers and stand out from the competition.

Engraving has a huge market. Try to provide the service on your website and show the extra charges right there. Customers should always have a clear idea of how much they are paying for various services.

Third-Party Product Design Tool:

Providing customization is difficult and complicated. There are multiple drawbacks when you are trying to provide personalized products to your customers such as, last minute changes in designs, colors, unnecessary back and forth in communication, and more.

But, not anymore! You can integrate third-party tools like Product Designer Tool from PrintXpand to your website. It will provide your customers with a freedom to customize a large array of products, make the customization process easy, and preview their products right there too. They can use a feature-rich library which makes it easy to customize various products. Reduce all unnecessary complications coming your way to provide customization with product personalization tools.

Explore all the details about the product design tool, and see how easily your customers can use and create their designs.


Humanize Customer Service:

Customization is not only for products, but it is also important for customer service. Instead of giving your customers boring forms to fill, you can ask your customer support team to interact with them and understand their needs. This will make them feel that their feedback is valued. Building relationships with customers and understanding their requirements will take you a long way and help you to make your products better. In order for you to cater to any audience, you need to know that audience, and that is an ongoing process.

Examples of Some Leading Companies:

The vertical of personalization has changed the way for companies to carry out their marketing strategies. It has worked as a window to tap into their customers’ emotional side. Below are examples of some of the companies that have taken personalization to the next level and are increasing their revenue.


Nutella has been leading the custom packaging. They are providing customers with custom packaging that have their names on the labels.


Nike is providing world class personalization to its customers. Customers can easily customize their shoe designs, according to their ideas. It made Nike stand out from other competitors in the market and attract more customers.

Coca Cola:

Nothing can beat Coca-Cola when it comes to marketing. From their red packaging to custom labeling everything has always been top-notch. Back in 2011, they started a campaign named “Share a Coke” in an effort to reach out to more millennials. The bottle had some popular first names assigned to millennials which would attract them to buy it. The campaign helped them increase their sales and reach more customers.

Ralph Lauren

With Ralph Lauren’s Stitch It experience, customers can create a unique polo shirt that represents their individual style and personality. The personalization options offered by Ralph Lauren have helped the brand establish a deeper emotional connection with its customers and have enabled them to stand out in the highly competitive fashion industry. By offering personalized products, Ralph Lauren has not only increased customer loyalty but also boosted its revenue and brand value.

See how customization can make a difference in your online store. Check out the link below to know all the features of a customization tool.

Products you can personalize:

There are plenty of products you can personalize that customers prefer to buy. Some of them are:

    • T-shirtsCustom t-shirts have a huge market. Customers prefer having them of their favorite brands, artists, companies, etc. They are the perfect choice for friends and family. Additionally, the craze of customization has given businesses a new vertical to explore, reach out to their customers, and increase their sales.
    • Clocks and watches:Clock and watches is another big market. One of the best examples in this is Fossil. To enhance their customers’ experience, they went one step further and provided their customers with an option to engrave behind wrist watches for free. Thus, making it a perfect custom gift for friends and family.
    • Personalized Mugs:Custom mugs are a popular choice for those who want to showcase their personality or promote their brand. They make a perfect gift for friends and family, and businesses can use them as a promotional tools.
    • Custom Labeling and Packaging:Custom packaging is a new face of many brands and they are using it very well to attract customers. More than ever, today millennials prefer to have good and eco-friendly packaging. And to make these eco-friendly packages standout, businesses prefer customization. Running out of ideas for custom packaging, lookup to Nutella and Coca-Cola.

Explore our designer tools:

  • Footwear:Footwear is another product that can be customized. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Converse allow their customers to design their shoes by choosing the color, materials, and patterns they prefer. Customers can create unique and personalized shoes that reflect their style and personality.
  • Phone cases:Personalized phone cases have become increasingly popular. Customers can design their phone cases by adding their favorite pictures, patterns, or quotes. It is a perfect way to protect their phones while showcasing their personality.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of customization. There are plenty of other products which you can customize like key chains, cushions covers, hats, etc. and provide better service.


Personalization becomes easy when done with the right product design tool. Integrate and configure the Product Design Tool from PrintXpand and then see the magic unfold. If you are planning to go one step further and provide your customers with a freedom to customize their own products, you can reach out to us.

We have helped 80+ customers set up their online web-to-print store and helped them stand ahead of competition. Our industry experts will help you to serve your customers better and provide the best solution possible.

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Hiral Thaker

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