Increase Your Print Business Sales and Engagement with Custom Merchandising

Increase Your Print Business Sales and Engagement with Custom Merchandising


Custom merchandising is the talk of the town since the day it got into everyone’s ears. It is one of the best ways to market one’s business and increase brand awareness.

As a print business owner or an ecommerce store owner, you might be well aware of how custom merchandise for business is popular among all ages, which suggests that you too should avail of such services at your store.

Providing hassle-free customizations to your customers for designing their own merchandise is the power you must avail at your store. In this blog, we will talk about:


Which Merchandise Products Should You Provide Customization on?

1. T-shirts

Custom t-shirts are the OG of custom merchandising products. People prefer t-shirts as they are affordable and catch the maximum attention. Don’t trust me? Let’s do the stat check:


Enable your customers to customize the t-shirts by using elements like artwork, templates, fonts, colors, clipart, etc. But only these services won’t make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t worry; I have something that will make your store unique from the competitors.

You can provide a 3D Configurator tool with which your customers can design the apparel with a 360-degree view. They can edit each and every corner of apparel like collars, sleeves, etc.



2. Mugs

Mugs are the second most popular merchandise product. Custom printed mugs are used in meetings, conferences, etc. You might have noticed that in many beverage advertisements, they use customized mugs with the company’s name or logo.


Some companies even give a free merchandise custom mugs with the beverage purchase. This helps in building brand awareness and marketing the product effectively. Your customers would, too, like to personalize the mugs for their office staff, clients, end customers, etc.



3. Phone Cases

phone covers

Do you know that the global mobile phone protective cover market is valued at $21.61 billion in 2020, which is projected to reach around $35.81 billion by 2028?

The stat clearly says that people are investing in mobile covers and will continue doing so. Businesses are also well aware of this, thus, if your company provides customization on phone covers, it will be a fruitful decision. Allow your customers to design the mobile covers with the elements they want, like the business logo, company motto, etc.



4. Stickers

The popularity of stickers is increasing every day and trust me it is not going to shrink any time soon. Stickers are versatile when it comes to its usage. Businesses use it on their products, packaging, and everywhere relevantly possible.

Stickers Businesses

You can provide personalization services for stickers to increase your sales and attract all types of businesses. Ensure you are providing them with quality material of stickers as they are easy to get off the surface.

There are different materials, like gloss, matte, transparent, vinyl, glitter, etc., that you can provide to your customers to choose from. This will increase their convenience and will benefit you with sales.



5. Face Masks

COVID-19 pandemic introduced a ‘never expected’ product for merchandise. As we all know that face masks are normal internationally since 2020; offering customization on it will give you positive results. It is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of increasing brand awareness.


Keeping fashion trends in mind, your customers can create custom face masks that are relevant to their business. For this, you can invest in an online face mask designer tool that offers multiple design areas, customizable clipart, easy image upload, effects, fonts, colors, etc. This will make the journey of customization smooth and fun for your customers.

6. Dog Bandanas


If you are a pet owner, you might already know how much potential dog bandanas have in gaining popularity. It is the cutest way to market the business. Businesses are constantly trying to market their products through animals as they know how much love people shower on their pets.

Fact: 44% of Americans own a dog.

Now tell me, which is the best way other than dog bandanas to market the business? Enable your customers to customize dog bandanas to use as marketing material. Ensure you are providing waterproof, soft material, and good quality bandanas.

Wrapping Up

Selling personalized merchandise for businesses is a hot business that is worth investing in. With the increase in businesses and competition among them, personalized merchandise is something that can be a game-changer for business owners.

Companies already know how to market their products and custom merchandising is the vital part of it. So, why not take advantage of this hustle in the market? Provide custom merchandise for businesses with the below guide and earn sales, engagement.

How can you provide a Smooth Customization Experience?

  • Have a website with smooth navigation.
  • Invest in a Product Designer Tool to ease the process of designing easy for customers.
  • Use 3D Configurator to show customers how their finished product will look.
  • Suggest latest trends as per their niche through blogs.
  • Include a section of FAQ and knowledge base articles to help them know how to use your customization services.
  • Ensure your website and tool is mobile compatible.

Don’t ever compromise on quality to save cost because one bad quality product can make you lose thousands of customers and dollars.

Why Choose Brush Your Idea's 3D Configurator for Personalized Customization for Businesses

  • With our 3D configurator, you get unlimited configurable options for a variety of products. Enable your customers to configure different elements of a product like texture, color, pattern, etc.
  • Compatible with mobile phones.
  • Provides features like lock elements, drag & drop, etc., that helps in the easy designing of a product.
  • Provides 360-degree view with 3D configurations.
  • Allows designing a product from scratch.

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