WooCommerce T-shirt Designer Tool: A Proven Way to Boost T-shirt Sales

WooCommerce T-shirt Designer Tool: A Proven Way to Boost T-shirt Sales

When you sell evergreen products like t-shirts, you undoubtedly face high competition. Sometimes, despite having the best quality t-shirts, you have trouble selling.

If that is the case with you, then you are not alone.

The biggest challenge for WooCommerce store owners is to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for customization and give your store a competitive edge.

This post aims to address this issue and help you find the solution.

A quick outline of what the post covers:

Product Customization: The Most Annoying Problem with WooCommerce

If there is one trend that has changed the landscape of the eCommerce industry, it’s product customization. It helps improve engagement, gain customer loyalty, and boost sales.

That is why more and more brands are looking to provide customized products to their customers.

So many t-shirt businesses have become successful by enabling customers to add a personal touch to the product they buy.

For instance, having started in 2005, UberPrints has changed the way custom t-shirts are made. Their designer tool has helped thousands of businesses and end-customers get complete creative control over their t-shirt designs.

But for WooCommerce store owners, this may seem a bit challenging. Because despite all the advantages that WooCommerce offers, it lacks the functionality to customize products.

So, what’s the solution?

WooCommerce T-shirt Designer Tool is your answer to adding customization to your online store. The excellent features and intuitive interface ensures that users can complete the process of creating custom apparel smoothly.

PrintXpand is the right choice for a design tool. Our WooCommerce custom t-shirt designer plugin is easily integrable with your store and customizable as per your business requirements.

It is a win-win for both you and your customers. The powerful backend gives you complete control over how users customize, and the user-friendly UI gives users the ease to design.

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Looking to integrate a WooCommerce design tool? Now is the perfect time to leverage the capabilities of product customization and enhance your online store.


Ways a WooCommerce T-shirt Design Tool Benefits Your Business

1. Ease The Buying Process with Ready-to-sell Templates

Does it ever happen that despite offering thousands of options, you are not able to convert visitors?

If yes, then you are a victim of a thing called choice paralysis. Contrary to popular belief that choices make customers happy, shoppers find it difficult to decide when there are more options.

It delays decision-making, and ultimately a potential customer abandons your online store.

By leveraging a WooCommerce T-shirt Designer Tool, you can simplify the purchasing process. The tool’s intuitive interface ensures that shoppers get customizable t-shirts that best fit their requirements without much effort.

The tool comes with features like a template manager and thousands of predefined designs, clipart, etc., that lets admin create ready-to-sell templates.

Pre-loaded templates are default templates that will be loaded when a customer opens a product for customizing.

An admin can configure design templates from the backend of the WooCommerce T-shirt Design Tool. Once enabled, users can load templates by clicking on the ‘Templates’ tab. The search option makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for easily.

Secondly, the tool is a savior if you take bulk orders for custom sports t-shirts and other apparel. Using the name and number feature, your customers can directly upload a bunch of names and numbers on products.

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Once you enable the feature from the backend, shoppers will be able to access the feature and import numbers all at once to save time.

Another feature that makes the decision process smooth and quick is design preview. With the help of our Woocommerce Custom T-shirt Designer Plugin, your customers can have a better 360 view of a product they are designing.

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It gives customers a clear idea about how the design will look in real. It helps enhance the shopping experience and helps customers in taking timely decisions. This will further reduce the chances of product returns.

To help users easily access the features of the designer tool, you can enable an interactive tour to guide customers in using the product.

2. Offer Amazing Designs That Customers Can Not Help but Buy

T-shirt designs can make or break your business. Having outdated quotes and slogans will no longer help you attract more shoppers.

Today, shoppers look for t-shirt designs to which they can relate. Bold statements, illustrations, artwork, animal pictures, t-shirts related to gender and politics, etc., are becoming popular.

Shoppers are even willing to pay more for buying t-shirts with their favorite designs printed on them.

If you are wondering how you can keep up with the trends and offer some amazing t-shirt designs, then look no further.

The artwork manager of our WooCommerce T-shirt Designer Plugin aims to help you sell stunning designs that your customers love.

You can create artwork from the WooCommerce T-shirt Plugin and assign them to single or multiple products using the feature.


(Create and import predefined artwork to enable customers to create dynamic t-shirt designs)

Once you choose the manage artwork option from the backend, you can configure things like the name of the artwork, price, artwork category, etc. After you save all the configurations, users can use the feature.

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(Users can choose an artwork of their choice and design a unique t-shirt in no time)

Apart from offering unique t-shirt designs, one of the biggest advantages of this feature is that it saves shoppers a lot of time. Users who do not want to design their t-shirt from scratch can use predesigned artwork.

And in case a shopper wants to make further edits, let’s say change the alignment of an object or change the color of the text, they can easily do so with WooCommerce T-shirt Plugin.

Further, you can also encourage shoppers to share their unique t-shirt designs on social media platforms. That is a smart way to spread the word about your brand.

unique t-shirt designs on social media platforms

(Spread the word and attract more customers by encouraging users to share their designs)

Leverage the power of the WooCommerce T-shirt Design Tool that aims to make the customization process easy. Request a demo get a personalized tour.


3. Speed Up the Sales Cycle with Automation

The manual processes of conducting business operations are time-consuming and challenging. Automating the process of sales orders is crucial to streamline manual tasks. A WooCommerce Custom T-shirt Design Plugin can shorten the sales cycle.

Engaging your customers and answering their queries reduces back-and-forth communication between customers and your sales team.

Customers no longer have to wait for callbacks or quotations. They get everything in real-time. This way, rapid response to customer needs also reduces their chances of seeking products from other providers.

A shorter sales cycle can help grow revenue and eliminate redundancies and errors in the manual process.

The Woo-commerce T-shirt Designer comes with essential features that help you effectively manage everything from printing to soft proofing. Here’s a glimpse of a few functionalities.

Manage Printing Method & Colors

WooCommerce T-shirt designer lets you manage different printing methods and printing colors from the backend. Once you choose the option – manage printing method, you will get a list of printing methods with details like name, method type, printing description, etc.


You can also manage printing cost, color, and print design area. This option will enable end-users to choose from different color and printing options when designing.

Dynamic Pricing System

Our WooCommerce T-shirt Designer tool has a dynamic and live pricing system that lets you decide the pricing for each customization feature.

There are various ways you can set dynamic pricing. For example, add cost per added text, added image, etc.

Live pricing gives customers a complete bifurcation of design customization price on the tool itself.

Dynamic Pricing System

Print-ready Files

The traditional process of pre-press is prone to errors and is time-consuming. The print-ready files feature of the WooCommerce T-shirt Designer Plugin automates the pre-press process and thus increases speed and improves print quality.

Additionally, you can generate an editable PDF that enables you to make changes in the design even the final PDF gets ready.

Get started with integrating a tool with user-friendly and rich features that is completely customizable as per your business requirements.


Maximize Profits by Delivering a Personalized Customer Experience

In this competitive landscape, delivering a personalized CX is a necessity. What makes your customers come back to you is an amazing customer experience.

44% of consumers say they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company.

With a WooCommerce T-shirt designer plugin, you can deliver experiences tailored to each customer. Users can add a personal touch and get t-shirts in their choice of color or design.

It further helps increase conversions with user engagement and customer satisfaction.

A functionality that lets customers add a personal touch is custom image upload. Users can add personal pictures, logos, etc.

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Further, users can crop the images that they have uploaded and even apply image effects and filters to make it more charming.

When customers upload pictures on their own, chances are there might be resolution issues. Images with low resolution affect the printing quality and increase the time taken for soft proofing.

To solve this issue, our tool also gives admins a provision to define the minimum and maximum size of an image and even display an error message. So, every time an object goes outside the printing area, a reminder pops up to notify the user.

define the minimum and maximum size

PrintXpand Woocommerce T-shirt Design Tool – A Tool Tailored for Your Business

When it comes to delivering a personalized customer experience, our tool has no match! That is because it was built keeping in mind the approach of industry personalization.

This approach enables you to give an exclusive experience to end customers based on the industry you cater to. So, if a user is designing a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, our tool makes the customization experience seamless.

We understand the importance of having a tool that delivers an intuitive user experience. It maximizes your opportunity to convert visitors into buyers. Therefore, we have prioritized building a user-friendly tool.

The intuitive interface ensures that users can easily navigate the tool without any hassle. Easy drag and drop and filter options make users want to complete the customization process and proceed for checkout.

Further, we understand that any business needs to have scalable solutions. With our tool, you get the ability to offer functionalities as and when customer demand grows. You can leverage ready add-ons as per your requirement.

Get started with product customization on your apparel store. Request a demo to get an in-depth understanding of the designer tool.


How to Integrate Your WooCommerce Store with PrintXpand

At PrintXpand, we make it easier for any WooCommerce store owner to integrate the designer tool. We have a team of experts who guide you at each step.

The process of integrating the WooCommerce T-shirt Designer Tool begins by installing and activating the extension.


(Enable the design tool and assign design area)

Once we help you install the tool, you can enable the designer tool option to add the customization feature on existing or new products. You can then assign the design area and image sides, configure features, and more.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

The potential of WooCommerce is limitless and adding a powerful tool like a WooCommerce T-shirt Designer is only going to help you grow your business and increase sales.

For more than 14 years, we have been helping WooCommerce store owners’ level up their online business with product customization. Our tool’s user-friendly, intuitive, and rich features have helped many businesses increase customer engagement and boost online sales.

In the same way, we are delighted to help you enhance your Woocommerce store with the power of customization. Irrespective of whether you are a B2B or a B2C business, the scope of our tool is limitless.

As per your business logic, you can sell customized products and deliver personalized products without any hassle.

Ready to give your store a competitive edge with a WooCommerce T-shirt Designer Tool? Claim a personalized demo to understand in detail how our product works!

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