Case Study: Enhancing Customer Experience through Customized Ice Cream Pints at eCreamery

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eCreamery is a well-established ice cream company known for its expertise in creating delicious and unique flavors. They have gained popularity by combining multiple flavors to offer a wide range of ice cream options. To make their offerings more special, eCreamery aims to introduce certain features that allow buyers to easily customize their ice cream pints with personalized messages and images.


Magento, Shopify, Angular, Fabric, Node, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • Enhanced flavor customization options for customers.
  • User-friendly ice cream pint design with apply and clear all features.
  • Efficient inventory management with Shopify integration.
  • Simplified order generation using predefined flavor images.
  • Streamlined output imposition for efficient file generation.
  • Convenient Shopify dashboard for accessing print-ready files


eCreamery identified the need to cater to individual preferences and provide a seamless customization experience for customers. They required the integration of their online stores to showcase the flavors chosen by customers on the ice cream pints.

Project Requirements

  • Showcase flavors on ice cream pints through the integration of Magento and Shopify stores.
  • Enable the generation of print-ready files without accessing the design tool page.
  • Implement a setting to apply customizations to all selected flavored ice cream pints or boxes.


  • Our team developed a dedicated page on the Shopify store, allowing customers to choose and combine flavors in sets of 4, 8, 12, and more.
  • We enabled customers with the option to utilize designer tools or select from pre-defined designs when placing orders. In both cases, output files were generated and provided to customers.
  • We customized a responsive layout for a clear display of multiple ice cream pints on desktop and mobile devices.
  • We developed a simple and intuitive interface for customers to customize individual ice cream pints or boxes, including features for easy application or removal of customizations.
  • To ensure accurate placement of flavor names and custom designs on different parts of the ice cream pint, we implemented a position lock functionality.
  • Our team also enabled efficient management of inventory within the Shopify store.
  • We also provided a live preview thumbnail for customers to visualize their customizations in real time.
  • We included a label gallery for special occasions such as Mother's Day or birthdays.
  • To streamline their order processing through output impositioning, we enabled generation of print-ready files of predefined sizes.
  • We customized the admin system, enabling easy application of any selected design to different sides of the ice cream pint.
  • To provide customers with a convenient download option, we enabled direct access to print-ready files from the Shopify store.


  • The ordering process became streamlined and more efficient as customers were able to generate print-ready files directly from the Shopify store.
  • The implementation of effective inventory management within the Shopify store ensured accurate tracking of ice cream pint quantities.
  • The introduction of a live preview thumbnail feature provided customers with a visual representation of their customizations in real time.
  • Output imposition capabilities optimized the production and fulfillment processes of our client, as they were now able to generate print-ready files in predefined sizes.
  • The provision of a convenient and accessible solution for customers to download print-ready files directly from the Shopify store further improved the customer experience.
  • The customization of the admin system to apply selected designs across different sides of the ice cream pint ensured the creation of a cohesive final product.
  • With features for effortless application or removal of customizations, customers experienced enhanced convenience and control over their designs.
  • By implementing position lock functionality, we ensured precise placement of flavor names and custom designs on different parts of the ice cream pint.


With the integration of our solution, eCremeamery now offers a seamless and personalized experience, leading to a remarkable 13% increase in their Average Order Value (AOV) and a significant 19% rise in the repeat customer rate.

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