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Case Study: Enhancing Apparel Customization and Efficiency For Create Apparel

Create Apparel


Create Apparel is a print-on-demand marketplace that designs, manufactures, and distributes customized apparel. They provide a comprehensive solution for all creative printing needs, setting high standards in print quality and product range. What sets them apart is the ability for clients to design their own shirts and personalize other apparel items, showcasing their individual styles.


Magento, Shopify, Angular, Fabric, Node, PHP, Python, AWS S3, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • Allowing customization of various apparel items, including t-shirts, bags, and more.
  • Custom-designed size labels for enhanced personalization.
  • Output impositioning for efficient and streamlined printing processes.
  • Hotfolder integration for seamless order management without an admin board.
  • Focus on B2B partnerships to jointly serve B2C consumers.
  • Automate job ticket creation to streamline the printing process
  • Standardized sizing guidelines to foster customer satisfaction
  • AWS S3 Service integration for optimized server space and reduced server costs


Create Apparel aimed to establish B2B partnerships for effective B2C customer service. They sought solutions for website management, a hot folder addon, and streamlined B2C order and printing processes. Standardized sizing guidelines were also a focus to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.


  • Our team successfully developed a connector that seamlessly synced products from Magento to Shopify and WooCommerce, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
  • By implementing cron-based design creation, we enabled an efficient process for handling multiple designs, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Real-time order data synchronization through crons allowed for swift processing and generation of designs created by end-users. Product syncing to the admin store occurred every 3 minutes.
  • The implementation of a Job Scheduler greatly optimized printing management, streamlining the entire printing process.
  • With improved output imposition, we enhanced productivity, ensuring smooth and precise printing results.
  • The addition of a size label module allowed for personalized size labels on products, adding value and customization options for vendors.
  • Our hot folder application significantly streamlined order processing, simplifying the workflow and ensuring prompt order fulfillment.


  • Increased B2B partnerships and successful B2C collaborations, fostering strong business relationships.
  • Seamlessly synchronized products led to enhanced product sales and improved customer experiences.
  • Efficient multi-design processing saved time and improved overall productivity.
  • Real-time order data synchronization streamlined order management, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Enhanced printing processes optimized productivity and output quality.
  • Personalized size labels added unique value to vendor products, delighting customers.
  • Streamlined order processing without an admin panel simplified operations and accelerated order fulfillment.


Create Apparel can now offer improved apparel customization through streamlined operations, and strengthened B2B partnerships. Integrating our solution and introducing personalized features enriched their customer experiences, solidifying their position as a leading provider in the print-on-demand industry.

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