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Case Study: Enhancing Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency at Intersilvi

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Intersilvi is a Swedish company located in Osby, northern Sweden. Focusing strongly on quality, Intersilvi constantly strives to stay ahead in the manufacturing industry. They specialize in products like rosettes for horse and dog competitions, medals, trophies, and stable plaques.


Magento, Angular, Fabric, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • Customized tool page to offer customization.
  • Enhanced cart page for a tailored shopping experience.
  • Efficient management of multiple stores.
  • Real-time pricing for tools and cart pages.
  • Multi-user accounts for seamless customer interaction.
  • Seamless logo uploading from the tool, cart, and My Account sections.
  • Automated system integration between Magento and Navision.
  • Streamlined hot folder management for improved efficiency.
  • Creation of unique logos for the center part of the rosettes.
  • Application of motifs/logos to all items in the cart.

Project Requirements

  • Handle various product types like stock rosettes, design rosettes, medals, trophies, stable plaques, etc.
  • Enable logo uploads from the My Account and Tools page.
  • Customize the Tool page with text, patterns, colors, motifs, and logo uploads.
  • Enable logo uploads, motif changes, and color applications on the cart page.
  • Automate Magento to Navision integration for seamless operation.
  • Implement multi-user accounts for efficient customer management.
  • Integrate an intricate pricing model for each product type


  • Our team enabled the handling of a wide range of products including design rosettes, stock rosettes, stable plaques, medals, and trophies.
  • We developed a user-friendly tool page that enables easy product personalization.
  • We also enabled the generation of high-quality SVG, PNG, and PDF files according to desired formats.
  • To ensure a smooth integration, we enabled smooth migration of data between Magento and Navision in both directions.
  • For streamlined customer management, we implemented multi-user and multi-level accounts.
  • Our team integrated real-time pricing adjustments to cater to customized orders.
  • We enhanced the cart page for seamless customization and color selection.
  • We also created combined logos for rosettes with text and a logo in the center.
  • To ensure efficient management we enabled synchronizing and storing orders in the HotFolder.


  • The user-friendly tool page empowered customers to personalize their products seamlessly.
  • Customers can now download high-quality SVG, PNG, and PDF files and get their desired output.
  • The data migration from Magento to Navision ensured accurate management of orders, customers, and contacts.
  • Our implementation of multi-user accounts streamlined customer management for both parent and child accounts.
  • Real-time pricing accurately adjusted prices based on customization made by customers.
  • The enhanced cart page provided easy customization options and a vibrant color selection for customers.
  • Combined logos with text and a center logo added a unique and personalized touch to the rosettes.
  • The client achieved workflow optimization through order synchronization and efficient hot folder management.
  • The implementation of rainbow color management for rosettes enabled customers to choose from a wide range of vibrant and visually appealing color options.
  • The addition of metallic ribbon printing provided a luxurious and premium touch to the rosettes, enhancing their overall appearance and appeal.


The implementation of our solution resulted in an improved customer experience by offering a seamless and user-friendly product customization process. Interstilvi also achieved enhanced operational efficiency and smoother business operations through optimized workflow and improved management

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