Case Study: Enhancing Website Management and Customer Experience for Matthews Cremation Division

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Matthews Cremation Division


Matthews Cremation Division is a renowned company within the Matthews Family of Companies. They specialize in high-quality products for human and animal cremation, as well as emission abatement systems. Their goal was to make their website management more efficient and improve the customer experience.


Magento, Angular, Fabric, Node, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • Integration of 9 different websites into one system.
  • Developing a system to accurately apply emblems on urns by incorporating real-size checking.
  • Implementing a design tool that hides pricing based on customer groups.
  • Enabled the functionality to send design previews to customers via email.
  • Integration of SAP for efficient management of shipment processes.


Matthews Cremation was looking for an easy-to-use designer tool that works well on mobile devices. They also wanted to combine multiple websites into one system and ensure data synchronization using a hot folder addon.

They explored different solutions from various providers but couldn't find one that fully met their needs. Some solutions had a complicated product designer, while others didn't offer simple website maintenance features.

Project Requirements

  • The client wanted us to develop a comprehensive solution that enables them to manage multiple websites efficiently on a single platform.
  • Additionally, they required a user-friendly designer tool that allowed their customers to customize products.
  • The client also requested the implementation of a design tool that could hide or set up pricing based on customer groups.
  • Furthermore, they wanted to enable the functionality to send design previews to customers via email.
  • Lastly, they sought to integrate SAP to streamline and optimize their shipment management processes.


  • Our team is efficiently managing their 9 stores with our designer tool.
  • We also enabled easy purchases with customer group-based pricing features.
  • We integrated an emblem addition functionality from the admin panel, ensuring accurate placement in its original size during urn customization.
  • To enable efficient shipment management, we accomplished a successful SAP integration.
  • We customized SAP to include designer data, emblems, and customizations as separate items when sending order requests.
  • We also automated the generation of shipments and invoices based on SAP's response.
  • To ensure the store remains on the latest secure version of Magento, we performed multiple upgrades, starting with 2.3.3 to 2.4.2 and then progressing to Magento 2.4.5, while also addressing all third-party modules.
  • We implemented Shipment Security measures to prevent malware injections.
  • To ensure smooth functioning, we provided them with continued support for the past 7 years.


  • With the management of 9 stores with our designer tool, our client achieved streamlined customization capabilities across their various platforms.
  • The customer group-based pricing feature enabled easy purchases for the client's customers, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • With the ability to add emblems from the admin panel and visualize their actual sizes during urn customization, the client's customers have a more accurate representation of their designs.
  • The successful SAP integration facilitated effective shipment management, leading to improved logistics processes for the client.
  • Our customization of SAP allowed for the seamless integration of designer data, emblems, and customizations as separate items, enhancing order accuracy and processing.
  • Automated shipment and invoice generation, based on SAP's response, simplified administrative tasks and reduced manual effort for the client.
  • Through two successful Magento upgrades, the client's system is now up-to-date and compatible with the latest features and enhancements.
  • The addition of Shipment Security measures ensures a secure environment and protects against potential malware injections.
  • By providing continued support for the past 7 years, we have helped our client maintain and optimize their system's performance and address any challenges that arise.


Our custom solution for Matthews Cremation Division has improved website management, streamlined print job processing, and increased customer satisfaction. These enhancements have led to greater efficiency and an enhanced experience for both the company and its customers.

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