Case Study: How Our Solution Helped Monster Media Achieve a 28% Increase in Orders

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Monster Media


MonsterMedia is a well-known company that excels at creating personalized products tailored to each customer's unique preferences. Their extensive range of offerings includes customized banners, wood-printed photo tiles, handicrafts with a stunning drop shadow effect, and personalized clock posters. Their primary goal was to provide an exceptional level of customization and customer satisfaction.


Magento, Laravel, Angular, Fabric, Node, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • Integrate print-ready files seamlessly with the Centric ERP system.
  • Real-time pricing calculation based on banner dimensions
  • Multiple site handling through a user-friendly centralized interface.
  • Easy One to One Image Replacement and Advanced Level Lock feature
  • Generate high-resolution prints of 48*48 Inch with 360 DPI value
  • Calculate shipping costs accurately by considering the size of the product


Monster Media recognized the need to enhance their operations and took the initiative to update their Magento version. Alongside this, they prioritized improving the customer experience by implementing a user-friendly one-to-one image replacement feature. Additionally, they sought to meet the growing demand for high-resolution prints in larger dimensions.

Project Requirements

  • Monster Media wanted to resolve bugs in their current system and upgrade their Magento version.
  • Additionally, they were interested in implementing banner calculation based on dimensions and sending customized images to the Centric MIS/ERP system using Laravel Middleware.
  • Another important feature they requested was the ability for customers to easily replace images one-to-one.
  • Lastly, they desired support for large-size outputs to ensure the generation of high-resolution prints.


  • Our team resolved the issues in their current system and upgraded Magento to the latest version and also integrated the latest version of the designer tool.
  • We implemented a price calculation feature that allows customers to choose their desired banner dimensions, with the admin collecting the corresponding price.
  • With our solution, they are able to successfully handle 5 stores with a single platform.
  • We enabled the generation of large-size output files of 48*48 inches with a DPI value of 360.
  • Our team customized the system to enable one-to-one object replacement in the customization area, specifically for text and images.
  • We customized the shipping cost calculation based on the banner dimensions.
  • To enable the seamless transfer of print-ready files to Centic, we did integration with the MIS/ERP system Centic using Laravel middleware.
  • We integrated our canvas resize module to calculate prices based on the dimension of the product rather than quantity.


  • By resolving system issues and upgrading Magento to the latest version, we enhanced the overall functionality and performance of their system.
  • The implementation of the user-friendly price calculation feature allowed customers to easily choose their desired banner dimensions.
  • They achieved streamlined operations and improved productivity as they were now able to efficiently manage their multiple stores using a centralized platform.
  • Customizing the system to enable one-to-one replacement of specific object types enhanced the user experience, allowing for seamless customization.
  • The customized shipping cost calculation based on banner dimensions optimized cost efficiency and provided accurate shipping quotes to their customers.
  • Our successful integration of the MIS/ERP system ensured a smooth and efficient transfer of print-ready files, improving the overall workflow of MonsterMedia.
  • The enhanced canvas resize module to calculate prices based on product dimensions provided accurate pricing to their customers.


The implementation of our solution has empowered MonsterMedia to offer personalized wood-printed photo products, streamline production processes, and effectively manage multiple stores. As a result, they witnessed a significant 28% increase in orders and a notable 15% growth in sales during the period of April-May 2023 compared to the same timeframe in 2022.

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