Case Study: How Online Logo Makers Achieved a 20% Increase in Sales After We Streamlined Their Logo Creation Process

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Online Logo Makers is a company in South Africa that helps small business owners and side hustlers with logo-related solutions. They offer a range of services like high-quality logos, animated videos, and business card design. Their goal is to simplify the logo designing process through necessary customization features.


Magento, WordPress, Angular, Node, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • Convert their logo files (SVG) into design templates.
  • Allow bulk import of SVG files with customizable color options.
  • Set up a dedicated page that displays customizable logo templates
  • Enable logo customization and package upgrades for additional logo options (SVG, AI).
  • Facilitate customers to directly download the customized logo files
  • Ensure safe downloads by restricting access to merchant logo designs on website.


Our client needed a solution to streamline the process of creating design templates from their existing 6000+ SVG logos and delivering high-quality editable files directly to customers.

Project Requirements

  • The client required an automated system to upload the 6000+ logos and generate design templates from those logos. Customers can then access these templates to design logos as per their needs.
  • They needed a feature that allowed customers to download their customized logos as high-quality files without any manual intervention.
  • They were also in need of a functionality that allows customers to choose different packages based on their print file requirements and upgrade the package at any time in the future.
  • They wanted to allow their customers easily access and download vector files such as SVG, AI, and editable PDF formats.


  • Our team developed an import functionality that automatically converts the SVG logos into design templates.
  • To enhance usability, we integrated custom filters on the template page. These filters allow customers to quickly locate logos that are specific to their business.
  • We added a preview feature that allows customers to see their customized logo before placing an order.
  • We implemented the capability to generate and download SVG, AI, and editable PDF files directly from the client's website.
  • Additionally, we enabled the end customers to edit the purchased logos within a period of 90 days.
  • To enable high-resolution vector logo files for their customers, we seamlessly integrated advanced scripting and library capabilities into their platform.


  • The automated import functionality transformed logos into design templates, saving time and effort. This resulted in an optimized and speedy logo design process.
  • Custom filters on the template page improved logo search and delivered a better user experience.
  • Customers can now quickly generate and download SVG, AI, and editable PDF files from our client’s website.
  • With the implementation of design history management, their end customers can now make any necessary modifications to their logos within 90 days of purchase. This gives customers more flexibility and control over their logo designs.


Our solution not only made it easier for their customers to create logos but also had a positive impact on their sales. Shortly after launching, Online Logo Makers saw a significant 20% increase in their quarterly sales.

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