Case Study: Improving Customer Satisfaction by Streamlining Order Processing at

Group Imaging

Overview, a US-based photo printing company, specializes in delivering high-quality printed photos to major summer camps across the USA. Their primary objective is to provide quick turnaround times while ensuring high-quality printed photo products.


Magento, Angular, Node, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and Sass

Project Highlights

  • Smooth migration from Brush Your Ideas 2.0 tool to Brush Your Ideas 3.0 tool
  • Accelerated order processing through the quick generation of print-ready files
  • Hot folder addon to enable easy download, color correction, and easy re-upload of customer-uploaded images
  • Seamless replacement of the same images in multiple locations within the design
  • AWS S3 Service integration for optimized server space and reduced server costs
  • Customer-specific templates to enhance personalization

Background aimed to empower its customers with a user-friendly designer tool that allowed them to edit the pre-designed templates, replace images, and modify text to suit their specific needs.

Project Requirements

  • Integration of an intuitive product design tool to allow customers to easily personalize the designs.
  • Quick print-ready file generation for shipping the order on the same day as they deal in large quantities.
  • Automated download of customer-uploaded images to local systems using a customized hot-folder add-on
  • Seamless reupload after quick color correction of the images to obtain the print-ready file.
  • Effortless replacement of the same images at multiple locations in the design
  • AWS integration for optimized server space and performance
  • Exclusive customer-specific templates for quick and customized designs.
  • Dedicated templates for each customer to ensure no customer can access the templates of another customer.


  • We successfully integrated customer-specific templates, allowing their users to effortlessly edit data and personalize designs.
  • Our team worked diligently to modify the designer tool, enabling users to conveniently edit multiple locations on the template with a single upload.
  • To streamline the image processing workflow, we developed a robust automated system. This system seamlessly downloaded customer-uploaded images and efficiently generated print-ready files.
  • Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we implemented admin functionality that empowered to re-upload color-corrected images.
  • We streamlined their print-ready file generation process, enabling them to deliver orders on the same day.


  • The introduction of the designer tool empowered customers to personalize and modify designs, leading to an enhanced ordering experience and increased customer satisfaction.
  • The automated system reduced turnaround times considerably. Customer-uploaded images were automatically downloaded, allowing for swift color correction, re-uploading in the system, and the generation of print-ready files.
  • Integration with AWS optimizes server space, ensuring efficient file storage and retrieval.
  • The ability to replace images in multiple locations within the design offered greater customization options for customers, catering to specific camp requirements and preferences.
  • can now ship orders the same day they receive them, making the process much faster and enabling them to deal in large quantities easily.


The streamlined process for generating print-ready files significantly reduced order processing time, enabling to fulfill a large volume of orders on time, meeting the demanding timelines of summer camps. They can now meet the demanding timelines of summer camps, resulting in an enhanced reputation for prompt and reliable service.

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