Why Selling Customized Hoodies Can Be A Good Business Idea

Why Selling Customized Hoodies Can Be A Good Business Idea

Whether or not your business will be successful depends a lot on a product you choose.

And for most entrepreneurs, finding a product is one of the most challenging tasks.

The key is to choose products that will always be in demand. One such product idea is custom hoodies.

Currently, the market is seeing steady growth. For instance, the global winter wear market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3% % from 2019 to 2025.

This clearly implies that the sales of winter apparel are sure to go through the roof.

Above that, what if customers get to flaunt their fashion besides keeping themselves warm by wearing ‘custom’ hoodies or pullovers?

Wouldn’t it be great? Customized hoodies have emerged as one of the latest fashion statements and everyone loves wearing them.

Continue reading to know all about the reasons why custom hoodies are a rage today, and how to sell custom hoodies.

Here’s what this post covers:

1. Can Be Potential Promotional Tools

A hoodie is a popular garment and people love wearing it. This is the reason a custom hoodie can be a great promotional tool for various brands. Currently, promotional products’ market size is $16b.

By printing their logos or taglines, brands can make custom hoodies their sand-out sales tool.

When more and more people notice the custom hoodies; they would want to connect with a brand and avail its products/services.

You must have seen in umpteen ODI Cricket series that various cricketers wear customized t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and whatnot.

The names you see on those t-shirts and hoodies are actually the names of the sponsors who promote their brands alongside that ODI series.

When the general audience notices these brand names worn by cricketers, these sponsor brands get more traction and their revenue grows.

Potential Promotional Tools

(The growing trend of hoodies as promotional tool)

Start a custom hoodie business, and also let shoppers design your offerings with a product design tool.


2. Hoodies Are a Good Product Idea for Selling as Gifts

How great would it be when your customers become the reason behind big smiles on their near and dear ones’ faces by gifting them beautiful custom hoodies?

Be it Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas, or any other festival or occasion; a beautiful customized hoodie can be a perfect gift idea.

They also make for great mementos for family reunions, vacations or as wedding favors. Personalized hoodies will not only cheer them up but also become mementos for them that they would cherish forever. Plus, a custom hoodie is for all – kids, adults, and the old.


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3. Enable Product Customization to Sell More

While you are out on the streets in the winter, won’t you like wearing a customized hoodie with your name, a favorite cartoon character, or something personal printed on it?

This is exactly what customers want too. They also want to stand out and look ‘different’.

If you offer them the freedom of customization, they can customize the hoodie the way they want. They may also customize it to match with their jeans or sneakers to look dashing.

And when they succeed in turning heads with unique and beautiful designs; they would definitely consider buying more from your store.

PrintXpand Product Design Tool makes it possible to offer customization on your website. End users can upload images, add text, cliparts, and more.

1Idea 40044

Share with us your requirements and we will give you a personalized tour of our product


4. Hoodies Are Highly Versatile

Custom hoodies are not only fashionable but also highly versatile. You can pair a hoodie with almost anything you want.

For instance, pairing a hoodie with track pants gives you a perfect gym look. Pairing the same hoodie with trousers; you are all set for going to the office! Put on your denim jacket along, you can hang out with your friends on a holiday.

It is this versatility of custom hoodies that they are always in high demand – especially during winters.

Secondly, unlike several apparels or accessories that are gender-specific; a hoodie is for anyone and everyone. They are comfortable, warm and can be trendy and casual for everyone.


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5. Good Replacement of Sweaters

Though old is gold, old-school woolen sweaters may sometimes look odd – especially when you want to wear something ‘modern’ and ‘fashionable’.

For instance, if you are on a tour to a high altitude area and the weather doesn’t allow you to flaunt your t-shirts and shirts; custom hoodies can come in handy.

A custom hoodie won’t only save you from cold but also help you stand out in the crowd. This is the reason that hoodies can be a great alternative to sweaters and engage customers better if personalized.

6. Represent Your Personality

‘If you are good at something, never do it for free’ – a famous dialogue from an unforgettable movie ‘The Dark Knight’.

You must be wondering why I am telling you all this. Well, there is a point I want to make here.

Just like this dialogue, there are many other dialogues from various movies across the globe in different languages that are evergreen. And so are some characters in those movies.

If any such dialogue resonates with your personality too and you want to send out a message, why not get it printed on a hoodie?

Sometimes, you want to show a particular aspect of your personality to people around you without saying a word. You might want them to know your ‘life mantra’, your favorite quote, or something else that represents ‘you’.

Customized hoodies with quotes, movie dialogues, a couplet, or anything else can let your customers project their personality strongly.

Hence brands like Spreadshirt offer design tools to let customers customize hoodies to flaunt their style.


(Custom Hoodies by Spreadshirt)

Get started with selling custom hoodies. Check how a product design tool can help.


7. Hoodies Are for All Body Types & for All Occasions

No matter how or what the event is – customized hoodies can fit in. Out on a family outing or a business party – grab your hoodie and you are good to go.

Customers can customize hoodies as per the occasion – formal or informal. Theme-based or color-coordinated custom hoodies can work wonders for large events.

Additionally hoodie is a clothing item which is for all body types.

Now that you have understood how selling custom hoodies online can be highly profitable, let’s walk you through some tips on start hoodies business.

How to Sell Custom Hoodies

If you have in mind hoodie business ideas, here are a few steps that will help you start quickly.

1. Choose the Style

When it comes to styles, hoodies come in two different styles/designs. The first one is basically a pullover that has no zip while the second one is a hoodie with a zip.

Though both of them are convenient and comfy, the custom zip up hoodie gives you a little extra ease as you can ‘zip’ or ‘unzip’ it anytime.

For sports events like a marathon or race, a zip up hoodie is a better option as the user can unzip and remove it anytime they want without having to use both your hands and straining much.

A zip up hoodie is more similar to a jacket that the user can choose to keep open or closed as per the weather.

Below are the two most popular hoodie styles.

selling hoodies

(First step in selling hoodies is to choose a hoodie style)

On the other hand, for outings in very chilly weather or working in extremely cold places etc.; custom pullover hoodies act like t-shirts and are more suitable to wear.

As a retailer, you should keep both styles at your store to offer more style options for buyers.

2. Don’t Forget Fabric Quality

The most important purpose of wearing a hoodie is comfort. Therefore, no matter which material you pick for your hoodie, it should be comfy and of excellent quality.

A high-quality fabric also ensures the durability of the hoodie which helps make it last long. Also, the fabric should be nice-looking to assure customers that they can wear it on any occasions without worrying about their looks.

Quality custom hoodies go a long way towards increasing your customers’ satisfaction.

No matter how wide a range of custom hoodie designs you offer, there may still be a few customers who would think your designs don’t fit their purpose.

As the customer is the king, you can’t let them go away dissatisfied, right!?

So, what is the solution?

Let your customers take full control of hoodie designs in their hands. You can do it by integrating an online product design tool into your store.

Equipped with a user-friendly design interface, industry-specific layout, and cutting-edge features, an online product design tool will give your customers all that they need to unleash their creativity.

Have hoodie business ideas? Launch your store integrated with a design tool.


3. High-resolution Images

Make sure that the image or design printed on the hoodie is in high resolution. For that, you will need to use a good-quality printer to avoid poor and blurred images being printed on the hoodies. Also see to it that your hoodie design is neither too overpowering nor too small to be noticeable.

4. Focus on Colors

While creating customized hoodies, focus primarily on two colors. The first color is that of the hoodie while the other one is the design.

Choose the colors in a way that they are in contrast. This implies that if you choose a light color for the hoodie, your design element should be of a darker shade and vice-versa.

Only when you choose complementary colors for your hoodie, will it stand out and people will actually be able to notice the design. Or else, the design will get lost.

Now that you have understood how to design hoodies; there is one more thing that you must understand.

Ready to Sell Custom Hoodies?

Custom Hoodies are not just style statements but also great promotional tools. By including customized hoodies in your clothing line business, you are sure to appeal to a larger audience. And large profits will follow leading to an immense success of your new venture.

PrintXpand has everything your business needs, to be successful. Our Product Design Tool is the ultimate tool that enables you to offer customization freedom for hoodies.

If you are planning to launch a website to sell hoodies, t-shirts, etc., you can go live quickly with W2P storefront solutions. Grow your business with Product Design Tool.

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