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  • Matthews Cremation
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  • Print Crazee
  • Group Imaging
  • eCreamery
  • Thesilverstore

Discover PrintXpand's Print-on-Demand Marketplace Solution

Create a marketplace for on-demand printing and build a Print-on-Demand business like Printful or Printify. Onboard unlimited sellers or build your D2C store, let sellers customize products, and enable end-customers to dive into the world of personalized products. With PrintXpand's Print-on-Demand Marketplace Solution, streamline every step of the POD model right from seller onboarding to product delivery.

A perfect fit for entrepreneurs or printing businesses looking to build a multi-seller print-on-demand marketplace.

Ready for Shopify Sellers

Go live quickly on Shopify & start your POD journey

Order Automation

Automize print-on-demand business with order auto-sync

Meet Order Turn-around SLAs

Ditch delay in delivery with quicker order turn-around SLAs

Inventory Management

Streamline your POD workflow with inventory management

How PrintXpand's Print-on-Demand Solution Works

Discover how our multi-seller Print-on-Demand Marketplace Solution works.


Invite sellers to join, set their prices, & offer personalized products with the flexibility of on-demand printing.


Enable product personalization for sellers with the product designer tool.


Let sellers publish custom products easily in their stores.


With order automation, reduce order turn-around SLAs & improve customer satisfaction.

Easy Revenue

By leveraging your inventory, sellers drive orders, amplifying platform profits and growth.

Ready to build a Print-on-Demand Marketplace like Printful & Printify?

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Print-on-Demand Marketplace Solution Highlights

Harness the power of an all-inclusive suite designed for the on-demand printing industry. We have tailored each print-on-demand feature to boost growth and streamline manual operations.

  • Seller Onboarding

    Welcome a diverse range of sellers to your platform. They can easily register and set product prices with our print-on-demand marketplace solution.

  • Product Selection for Sellers

    Offer sellers a broad spectrum of product categories, with inventory management, to cater to various customer preferences and market demands.

  • Decorate the Products

    Equip sellers with a user-friendly product design tool. Let them create multiple design templates and offer uniquely designed products to end customers.

  • Seller Pricing Rules

    Empower sellers to set, modify, and manage product prices, ensuring they remain competitive and responsive to market dynamics.

  • Export to Seller Stores

    Allow sellers to effortlessly import curated product listings and design templates to their ecommerce stores with inventory management.

  • Order Management

    Enable sellers to track, process, and manage orders on an intuitive dashboard. Sellers can handle order volumes and much more.

Seller Onboarding


Dea'a Zararey

ForYou, which specializes in selling personalized goods, including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and mugs, is quickly becoming one of Dubai's top clothing retailers. Customers can customize their apparel and merchandise with the company's exclusive platform to fit their preferences. ForYou prioritizes personalization and provides a wide array of configurable options to accommodate various tastes and styles among its customers.




Dea'a ZarareyUnited Arab Emirates

Owner, ForYou

Lidor Salem

MGS is a leading sports and sports fashion group based out of Israel. It excels in importing, marketing, and distributing renowned international sports and fashion brands through a vast network of around 130 premier sports stores, including JD, Mega Sport, and more.




Lidor SalemIsrael

Project Manager, MGS Sport Trading

Bassam Khan

Printanica, a dynamic e-commerce platform, is dedicated to empowering print-on-demand services. Printanica equips individuals and businesses alike with the perfect design tools & 3D product rendering. Their comprehensive range of services covers everything from crafting creative designs to printing and efficient shipping support.




Bassam KhanBahrain

Co-Founder, Fog Printing

Daniel Listerud

Inter Silvi AB excels in crafting high-quality rosettes for various occasions. Based out of Sweden, they offer custom price rosettes, trophies & medals for dog shows & horse competitions.

Product:Rosettes, Trophies



Daniel ListerudSweden

Director, Intersilvi

Patrick Bouchet

Kosa Print, a leading online platform based out of France, specializes in personalized gifts, offering customers a delightful experience of customizing various products with their cherished photos and designs. With an impressive catalog featuring over 100 unique designs, Kosa Print caters to all gifting needs.




Patrick BouchetFrance

Owner, Kosa Print

Paul Seyler

The BYI tool provided the best balance of cost and capability. The team also offered much more rapid deployment. BYI adapted an existing design tool used in printing businesses to meet the specific technical requirements of our engraving process, and provided deployment and ongoing support. We experience very infrequent issues that are quickly resolved by BYI team. Using the system has resulted in substantial sales growth with several key customer groups. Their communications are generally timely and clear, and misunderstandings are rare.

Product:Cremation Products



Paul SeylerUS

Dir. Global Product & Mktg, Matthews Environmental Solutions

Case Studies

Visit some of the major use cases we have worked on recently. These case studies will provide detailed understanding of the processes and the nature of our work.

Trend Setters
Upgrading a Gift Store with Our Product Designer Tool

Trend Setters Ltd. is a woman-owned manufacturing company based in Tremont, Illinois. They deal with high-quality specialty print products. Working with major entertainment companies they build exciting products for the most discerning collectors. They are a company of innovative designers and creators who bring out the best product every time using a combination of innovation and entertainment factor.

Trend Setters
The Silver Store
How The Silver Store Reduced Manual Work and Increased Sales Using our Designer Tool

The Silver Store is an Australia-based small business. The store specializes in photo-engraved, custom-engraved hand-writing, hand-written, and fingerprint-engraved silver jewelry pieces. It sells all sorts of pieces like necklaces, chains, keyrings, etc.

The Silver Store
Online Logo Makers
How Online Logo Makers Achieved a 20% Increase in Sales After We Streamlined Their Logo Creation Process

Online Logo Makers is a company in South Africa that helps small business owners and side hustlers with logo-related solutions. They offer a range of services like high-quality logos, animated videos, and business card design. Their goal is to simplify the logo designing process through necessary customization features.

Logo Makers
Enhancing Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency at Intersilvi

Intersilvi is a Swedish company located in Osby, northern Sweden. Focusing strongly on quality, Intersilvi constantly strives to stay ahead in the manufacturing industry. They specialize in products like rosettes for horse and dog competitions, medals, trophies, and stable plaques.

How FomeCreative Elevated Their Customization Experience With the Help of Brush Your Ideas

Formecreative is an innovative Italian enterprise offering photo frames, wall concepts, wallpaper, and furniture. They have a unique approach that lets customers personalize these products according to their preferences. To make this process smoother, they needed a solution that generates print-ready PDFs after customers personalize the object.

Fome Creative
Matthews Cremation Division
Enhancing Website Management and Customer Experience for Matthews Cremation Division

Matthews Cremation Division is a renowned company within the Matthews Family of Companies. They specialize in high-quality products for human and animal cremation, as well as emission abatement systems. Their goal was to make their website management more efficient and improve the customer experience.

Matthews Cremation Division

Start Your Print-on-Demand Marketplace Journey With Us

Launch your print-on-demand marketplace and transform your business with a fast and efficient solution. Our platform empowers you to connect with sellers and buyers seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Print-on-Demand Marketplace?

A Print on Demand Marketplace is an online platform where vendors or sellers use product catalog of the supplier (YOU) to import products to their store, and customers can purchase these products.

How does PrintXpand's Print-on-Demand Marketplace Solution work?

PrintXpand's helps you create a print-on-demand ecosystem wherein you can onboard sellers. Sellers can personalize products from your catalog using a product designer tool, list them in their stores, and sync order details to the marketplace. End-customers shop from seller stores, and orders are forwarded to you for printing and shipping.

Can I customize the Print-on-Demand Marketplace to match my brand?

Yes, our solution is highly customizable. You can tailor the marketplace's look and feel to align with your brand identity, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience for your customers.

Is your print-on-demand solution suitable for every industry?

Absolutely! Our Print-on-Demand Marketplace Solution is versatile and can be used in various industries, including but not limited to printing, apparel, packaging, and promotional products. It suits any business offering personalized products in the on-demand printing industry.